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We all know that people have only one life. If they are lost, they will never find it again. Therefore, life is the most important thing. We should cherish him in all kinds and cannot let him suffer any hainto the eyes of the scene and shocked me: usually, I went out all at once; but now, the time has come to a little. I rushed out of the door and pressed the elevator Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes. When the elevator reached the first floor, I ignored the people's grotesque, like the arrow from the string, shot the elevator and went straight to the school. It��s easy to get to the intersection, but the red ��red light�� on the opposite side makes me desperate. Oh my god! Why is it a red light? ! Why can't you treat me better? I looked anxiously at the red light, "green, green!" I screamed in my heart. It��s already late, wait another minute for the red light. What can I do? ! Suddenly, I saw a red light on the road, and my heart was overjoyed: running fast, but still passing! I jerked hard, one foot slammed hard and trie at people's strange eyes, and they all looked worriedly at my right side. I noticed that something had happened Newport 100S, and I stopped a little. I just wanted to turn my head and look to the right. Suddenly, I felt something touched on my body. The body couldn��t help but lean back. I never thought about it. On a car. I am secret: What happened? How can I lie in the car, I am not dead? What happened? I was already blind, and I didn't know what happened at the time. Suddenly, my waist was shocked by a sudden earthquake. Immediately, I heard the sound of the car's sudden braking; I realized that I had been hit by a car. When I am finished, I am definitely late for school! What's the big deal, whore, I am so anxious to sweat. Resting for a long time, I tried to move, but my control was useless, I was hurt. I started to worry about being late for school: it��s been so long, it��s definitely late; the teacher will blame me, I don��t look good! What should I do? helped me up cautiously. I suddenly woke up a lot. I opened my eyes and went to school without any pain. The man in the car couldn't hold me Marlboro Gold Pack, just let go of his hand. "Hey, you're fine!" He asked with concern from behind me. I replied hoarsely: "Nothing, people's concerns and some apologies, I can't take it anymore. It is a pity that I just walked a few steps and the leg did not listen. I am stunned. And because he was too anxious to walk, he accidentally fell and fell heavily on the ground. I can't help but cry. I was exhausted Cigarette Tobacco For Sale, but when I thought about my current wolf-like situation Cigarettes Online, in order to get rid of my predicament, I sighed and patted my head. I used my strength and stood up hard and continued to walk hard. I don't know when I arrived at the school. As expected, it was too late. Although I was aving the car, I stopped the car in time and helped me up. I had already returned to Huang Quan. If I lost my life because I was too anxious to go to school that day, I would never find it again; life is only once, no matter what happens, we must be calm, not too anxious. After all, life is the most importan