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My childhood was spent in a mountain. am a child from the mountains. This mountain village has very little contact with the outside world, at least in my opinion. The people in our village are all the same family name and belong to the family-style residence. Everyone in our village has to go far away every 5 days. It is the trading market. It has to turn over two mountains, and then walk for an hour on the plateau. It takes 2 to 3 one way. hour.en I first went to this trading market, I was almost 4 years old. Most of the journey is done by myself. Although I feel very tired, when I think of going to the market, it is naturally very exciting, and the excitement reveals happiness. My nephew is 3 years older than me. I haven��t been to elementary school yet.en I got to the road, I sighed, how can there be such a wide road, and I also met a big truck with a frog head on the road, braving the smoke, and the smoke from behind us passed.After reading the article "The Destruction of the Yuanmingyuan", I feel very indignant! One is the anger and hate of the British and French coalition forces, and the other is the corruption andingyuan, the imposing pavilions and pavilions, the exquisitely carved pillars; the exquisite ethnic architecture and various western landscapes; built according to the poetic features in ancient poetry, It also mimics the creations of places of interest across the country. What a good building! Simply unbeatable! However it was destroyed! As Hugo said, ��there is a garden, it has the style of the world. It is a pity that it was destroyed! This is the Yuanmingyuan! And the Yuanmingyuan also houses ancient and civilized bronze rituals Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online, celebrity paintings and other valuable cultural relics. What a magnificent and beautiful place! However, two robbers ransacked it. The splendid palace is gone, the pavilions and pavilions are gone, the national architecture is gone, and the Penglai Yaotai is gone... Isn��t this a shame for China? ? What is even more abhorrent is that the corrupt Qing government is indifferent to this! Moreover, the leader of the famous poet Gong Zizhen, who led the British and French coalitions to burn the Yuanmingyuan! It is not the shame of China thatn powers! The Opium War Parliament Cigarettes, the Sino-French War, the Sino-Japanese Sino-Japanese War, the Eight-Power Allied Forces' invasion of China... This ruthless war brought a profound disaster to the Chinese children Cigarettes Cheaper. For centuries, some capitalist countries have invaded openly, and some have not declared war. Some have invaded and have plundered partnerships. This is really a shame for the Chinese! The country is not strong, being deceived! However, since 1919, the Chinese children have begun to resist stubbornly. A shout, a stock of pride Newport Cigarettes Coupons, a piece of red and loyal, a piece of iron and bones, a first sad song! The Chinese people have risen! The oriental lion showed its claws, pulled out its fangs, ignited the revolutionary star fire Marlboro Gold Pack, buried the arrogance of the nephew, and ushered in theople must not forget the national humiliation and revitalize China! We must build the motherland to be stronger and better! We want foreigners to look up at us!